heart-music-rhythmResearchers at the University of Illinois medical school released the results of a small study involving CPR and the Bee Gee’s 1977 hit “Stayin’ Alive“. The study examined the effects the song had on practitioners performing chest compressions during CPR. With 103 beats per minute, the song’s rhythm is close to the recommended pace of 100 compressions per minute for CPR.

The 2008-2009 Winter Pathways highlighted the study and is available direct as a PDF download from UIC Peoria.

Study participants included doctors and medical students who received a CPR refresher. During the first phase of the study, participants listened to “Stayin’ Alive” and were instructed to perform chest compressions on mannequins to the song’s beat. The study results indicated that listening to “Stayin’ Alive” helped the study participants maintain the recommended rate of compressions. Participants stated that they felt more confident and believed their CPR was better while listening to music.

The music-CPR relationship was originally identified in 2005 by Dr. Alson Inaba, a pediatric emergency specialist at the University of Hawaii. While many popular songs have a suitable beat, an official list of CPR- appropriate songs has not been compiled for release.

It has been noted that Queen’sAnother One Bites the Dust” has the correct beat. However, due to the not-so-optimistic tone the song conveys, it’s not anticipated that “Another One Bites the Dust” will be frequently used, at least not by physicians or civilians; EMS may heartily adopt it.

Burn your 100BPM CPR CD/MP3 tracks to play in the back of the ambulance on your next code.

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