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The EFS site has two purposes: the first is to provide you with useful information by experienced professionals in Emergency Services, while the second purpose is to inform you of software we develop, maintain, and sell.

As providers ourselves, our mission is to develop the tools you need and want to use for your job. The products and features we developed were based on a need for not having quite the right tool for our job. We are happy to share our customizable products with your organization and anticipate you’ll appreciate their value.

We also provide an online resource for Emergency Services news, product reviews, and theories yet to be tested. Our hope is that this service will assist you in running your organization more effectively.

All you need is a web browser – no software to install, configure, or maintain – ever! The information is all on our website and our products are web-based.

Contact us at any time with ideas, tips, grunts, or on how to get your organization setup and running our software quickly and without any needle sticks.


Articles published on EFS are written by experienced professionals from various backgrounds.

Contributors are encouraged to write on EMS, Fire, and any related topics covering Emergency Services. The contributors to the site are not restricted by EFS nor are the articles scrubbed for “PR”. We highly encourage our contributors to exhibit their innate quirks and humor in their writing style and subject interests.

The authors retain all rights to their articles and you are encouraged to contact them and/or EFS for follow-up, discussion, or differences of opinion. If you have something you want to be published on our site, get in touch with us.

EFS was developed by CTSC and ES providers and agency leaders from both Operations and Business (AKA “The Board” side).

CTSC has a full range of consulting and professional services for Emergency Service organizations.  If you need assistance with reviewing a project or program, arrange a specialist to work directly with you or remotely as you need.

Let us know how we can create or customize a project to scale to your needs.