resqme_partsWe have several ResQMe utility tools to give away.

The ResQMe is a simple, compact and easy to use device for escaping from a vehicle. I have personally used a ResQMe for gaining entry into vehicles when vehicle doors are jammed and the occupants are entrapped and unconscious.

The window punch spike easily shatters tempered glass on the side windows of a vehicle. As with other safety devices, the ResQMe also has a safety belt/restraint cutter built in. I never have had to use the blade, but I can attest to the window spike/punch performing as advertised.

Below is a brief video of the window punch in action.

ResQMe PunchThe LifeHammer is the older cousin of ResQMe. Both devices punch through the side windows and slice through an uncooperative seat restraint, but the ResQMe is smaller and can attach to a key ring or any place with a zip tie.

There are similar tools on the market, but the ResQMe is compact, reusable and attaches anywhere.

The ResQMe is a simple and easy to use device that can be secured on every emergency vehicle in your fleet and put in every one of your household vehicles. As with any device, ensure that everyone in your department/family knows where the rescue utility is located and how to use it.

We have several (new) ResQMe devices to give away – please complete the form (expires July 31, 2010) and we will mail the tools to the winners.

If you don’t win one from us, they are also available on (two pack).

PowerFlare LED Give-away

Ford and Chevy are competing again for the law enforcement market with new designs specifically built for police tasks.
Ford Police Interceptor
As the Ford Crown Victoria production ends, Ford is revving up for the 2011 Ford Interceptor. See the full video.

Chevy is also racing to market with the Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV).
Chevy Caprice PPV

The Caprice is reported to be an alternative to the Chevy Impala and Tahoe.

Of the sedans, I like the appearance and design of the Ford Interceptor, but the Chevy Caprice over powers the Interceptor.

More to come on the sedans and the yet to be revealed Ford Police Utility Interceptor. Can it compete with the Chevy Tahoe? Many consider the Tahoe to be too expensive, but last month it was rated best for life-cycle cost.

Full disclosure – I’ve professionally driven previous and current versions of the emergency service Caprice, Crown Victoria and Tahoe. My favorite emergency fleet vehicle is the 2009-2010 Chevy Tahoe. There is more than adequate space, it handles well (unlike the previous truck style), it can take a hit, and its appearance is quite intimidating!

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