A Day in the Life

October 23, 2008 | Steve | Leave a Comment

With the pending presidential elections, the fever in the station is rampant. Folks have gotten into some serious disagreements.

Personally, I am tired of hearing the  rhetoric and accusations from the candidates. I had, at that point decided not to vote. The campaigns reminded me of two little boys, caught with their hands in the cookie jar blaming each other. Pointing fingers saying, Mom look what he did!

Today all that changed……

Every so often, I get reminded, that if you allow yourself to, you can learn something.

I had been dispatched to an elderly gentleman with chest pain. Prior to leaving his home, his wife commented that he was one of the few remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor.  It was evident from the immediate sparkle in his eye, he was a proud veteran. On the way to the hospital and after a round of aspirin and nitro, my patient was feeling much better.  I asked him just one question…”What was the name of the ship you were on?”.

What I got was a change of heart.

He began to tell me that on December 7th, at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was on the Deck of the U.S.S. Sumner. He recalled vividly the events of the day, such as running below decks to warn his shipmates.  Shooting down Japanese airplanes, mustering the ship, escaping “Pearl” and tales of the rest of the war. Young men in harms way!

Through the course of the day, I thought to my self, the world just doesn’t have that cut of man anymore..Heroes.

As usual I was wrong. Each and every day  men and women protect our freedom. Each and every day my brothers and sisters are ready and willing to go in harms way , many right from my own station. Good friends of mine, sworn to serve and protect. Many memories of the men I served with.

To every man and woman serving now, to everyone I served with, to every paramedic, firefighter and officer killed in the line of duty…

Freedom comes with a price.

It is my responsibility to vote.