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EMS, Fire, Ambulance Transport, Rescue Squads, Special Ops, and other Emergency Services organizations can all benefit from this site & its resources.

In addition to the free articles (on the right), the resources, and special Chief/Director only material, we offer web-based software that improves organizational communication, online shift scheduling, requirement accountability, fleet management, and equipment tracking.

Designed for agencies that can benefit from an "always available from anywhere" online solution for managing personnel via a flexible and intuitive Internet application.

.: Web Based - No Software to Install
.: Intuitive Interface
.: Personnel Management
.: Organizational Communication
.: Scheduling, Anywhere, Anytime
.: Reporting & Analysis
.: Modular Components
.: No Software to Maintain or Upgrade
.: Scaleable Architecture

Access your agency from the office, home or on the rig - all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

With Modular Components, Scalability is a Snap.
Whether you want to add on one of the standard modules or a custom component, CTSC EMS & Fire Software allows you to solve your business needs. Specifically, EMS & Fire Software enables you to:
.: Manage your agency, crews, & fleet from anywhere.
.: Scale your exisiting infrastructure
.: Empower your personnel and members
.: Access information and reports instantly

Imagine the time you will save yourself and your organization a year from now after using a software package designed by Emergency Service professionals for their own operations. Free yourself from paperwork!

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NFPA is running the Fire Prevention Week campaign October 3rd – 9, 2010.

There are resources specifically for the fire service and media materials including radio public service announcements.

Related: Fire Prevention Week 2009

Material from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week Web site (which may be extremely slow from additional web traffic during the campaign this week).

boots_sticker-150x150OurBoots.ca has several short, but very well done EMS, Fire, and Police service videos available to download and support the mission:

To reduce preventable injuries and fatalities and promote workspace safety for emergency service workers – because their workplace is every place.


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