Click It Or TicketAcross the US, spring marks the start of the safety restraint campaign. The “Click It Or Ticket” slogan appeared on highway variable message signs and radio and television advertisements. During my daily commute, I passed three signs that reminded me to “Buckle Up”. Although the official enforcement campaign is over, and there are no reminders on the digital billboards, occupant safety and enforcement is always on-going.

The US has taken a monetary penalty approach to getting passengers to use their seat belts. The US DOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also continue to promote restraint and other vehicle safety on the roads. There is also a Traffic Safety Marketing site with free resources for running your own campaign.

Across “the pond” in the United Kingdom, awareness has taken a life-saving focus.

Embrace Life

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is campaigning for occupants to “Embrace Life” and realize the importance of wearing a safety restraint. The “Embrace Life” video has been seen by millions of people throughout the world, with no monetary penalty.

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