Traffic Safety Ideas

January 12, 2010 | Dave | 1 Comment

This post is to highlight the new technologies available to transportation agencies and motorists. You may see these systems introduced while on the job in the EMS or Fire service.

Traffic & highway safety is a major concern of all motorists, law enforcement, and insurance companies. New technologies are slowly introduced to the motoring public. Many motorists are slow to adapt (or become confused) by new systems and signs, despite the intended usefulness. Traffic lights with count-down timers can be either be informative, or encourage speed contests. Traffic Light Count Down

Highway animal instruments are being designed to alert the animal and illuminate hazards for the motorists: Zero Kill

LED illuminated speed humps that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy as a vehicle drives over the speed bump, storing the energy for use later in low light conditions. LED Speed Hump

And in the off-road area, the ultimate in rural fire fighting